It turns out that what our company does in our everyday work solves the ecological and economic problems we face as a society! If I were to say our traffic problems could be solved in a matter of months; that our transportation speeds could double in a few years and triple in a decade, or that our entire transportation system could run on recyclable and renewable resources in a few decades, you would say “Show me”. If I were to say that our children’s standard of living will be twice ours, that they will live in nicer homes, have better jobs, that their children will walk to school and play in better spaces, that they will live in more diverse communities of their choosing, that they will access parks and farms and recreation within easy reach, you would say “Tell me how?”. Please join me on my Green at No Cost mission, and “Show and Tell”.

Lean and Green: The Value Process

Measured cost control, lower cost, and optimized value lead to lean and green construction projects. Our integrated approach facilitates and documents all aspects of cost and value to keep you off the re-design treadmill.
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Eight Steps to our Eco Future

Learn how ecological and economic benefit flow from optimizing choice, access, mobility, and space. See how human and natural systems multiply to create diversity, time, money, and energy.
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Green at No Cost

The book sets the Value Process to the task of optimizing our built environment by targeting costs and maximizing savings. Step by step benefit analysis gets us to ecological and economic prosperity in ways that may surprise you!
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